“Their Dream of Three” – A poem to our newborn

To our beautiful daughter AKL. Born 7/23/20 ❤

On a January evening, 

they felt lucky they met. 

That January moment 

marked the start of them as a pair. 

Each day their story got better, 

more than it seemed could be.

Years were filled with love and travel, 

until one day they dreamed of three.

They embarked on their next adventure,

to create and love a tiny heart. 

Their journey started with excitement, 

but they found there was a catch. 

The task was not as easy as society once taught. 

They found the road to parenthood,

to be narrow and rough. 

Their days now standing still with only hopes and wait.

Sorrow filled the time and a doctor claimed their fate.

Visit after visit became the new norm, 

while a cruel and ignorant society 

filled their hearts with hurt.

Two years quickly passed.

Their dream of three was fading away.

Grasping to a last thread,

it was love that made them stay. 

Giving up to the dream of three,

seemed to be their best bet. 

Until  the Universe intervened 

and gifted you to them. 

Excitement and hopes resurfaced. 

Her belly grew and grew. 

And nine short months later, 

there it was; beautiful you.

After this difficult journey, 

they are now as happy as they can be.

Through all the pain and disappointments, 

they have you, each other

and a realized dream of three.

By. Yami Lette

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