Yellowstone Heals

Predictable. Safe. Comfortable. That’s what we as humans like. But sometimes, no matter how much we think we can control our destiny or situations, in an unexpected microsecond, you can experience a pain so harsh, so brutal, that no matter how strong you are, that pain makes your legs tremble and it becomes impossible to breathe. This is what happened to me when on July 3rd, I was told our 8 weeks unborn baby had stopped growing.   It’s hard to describe. Brutally painful. Disappointing.

It was weeks of sadness, questioning, and hypothesizing on what went wrong, before I finally realized that giving in to what is, and embracing what I have is the way out of the tunnel.  Part of that healing took place in Yellowstone; a trip we made to getaway from civilization, social pressures and constant reminders of what could have been.

Loss has been one of my greatest teachers. In the mist of darkness, I’ve learned that the path you choose to shine the light towards, is the path you see. I choose to see life. I choose to see the beauty of nature that calls out my name lovingly; and unconditionally embraces me. The wilderness doesn’t show off. It doesn’t discriminate. Doesn’t judge. Doesn’t ask. It just is. That’s what I choose to experience. We don’t have control of many things in life and death, but we do have control over the meaning we give it.

Thank you Yellowstone for showing me your beauty and helping us heal…

Yellowstone Heals – a very personal to my heart video of the beautiful things we can miss if we focus on loss…

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