A Flower Reminded Me: It’s OK to be different, and it’s OK to not follow

Super bloom brought hundreds of people to Southern California this year. So, just like everyone else, we ventured to see the famous and beautiful yellow sea of poppies. It was an amazing sight.  We got a little bit disappointed with the massive crowds so we decided not to spend too much time there (kind of reminded me of the Wall of China).


But, as I was about to walk out and go home, I stumbled across few of these orange poppies embedded in the sea of purple ones. They looked as if they had left the tribe in rebellion. I thought they looked gorgeous. They set themselves apart from the masses.




Funny; it was not the sea of yellow and orange I came to see that I enjoyed the most. It was the lonely yellow in the sea of purple.  Reminds me of how beautiful diversity is. The take away? “It’s OK to be different, and it’s OK to not follow“- Noah Cyrus

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